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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon a comprehensive guide to the movie trivia game Jeff Milne

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon a comprehensive guide to the movie trivia game

Jeff Milne

Published July 20th 2009
Kindle Edition
6341 pages
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 About the Book 

HOW THIS GAME WORKSSix Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a movie trivia game where one person who has been in at least one film is named. Usually (but not always) this is an actor or actress, but anyone appearing in a film can be named. This person is then linked to Kevin Bacon using as few films as possible. However, non-actors and non-actresses that have been in films, people like Donald Trump and Larry King, usually can be linked. [Donald Trump/54/Neve Campbell/WT/KB Larry King/Mad City/Dustin Hoffman/SL/KB] Crew members of films don’t count unless they also appear in the film. No animals can be used either, Homo sapiens only. Appearance in a film by archival footage does not count for game purposes. But extras and people who only do voiceover work in a film do count.Links are only allowed using films, no made for TV movies, no TV series, no straight to video releases, and no video games are allowed. Actors and actresses who have only appeared on stage, TV and/or straight to video releases and were never in a film cannot be linked.HOW THIS BOOK WORKSThe first chapter lists the films of Kevin Bacon and who is in them. The next 64 chapters go film by film through Bacons entire film career, listing one or more (often many more) films of each useful Bacon Person (meaning a person in a film with Bacon) and who is in them. This book contains film listings for over 1000 Bacon People.Since not everyone has a link as short as person/film/Bacon Person/Bacon film/Bacon, the last three chapters are devoted to people requiring longer links. These people are put into various categories such as Old Timers, Musicians, Directors, Comics, Miscellaneous, Etc. Since films are always being made, some of these people may at some time in the future achieve a shorter link to Bacon, a persons link can sometimes even be shortened posthumously. But as of press time, none of the people listed in the last three chapters have been in a film with a Bacon Person.When a name in a film listing in chapters 2 to 65 is in bold print, it means that it is an additional Bacon Person in the film who is not the Bacon Person that the sub-chapter is devoted to. Some films in these chapters have many Bacon people in them and some have only one.Heres a name from the last three chapters and how to read the link:Mark Twain/The Prince and the Pauper (1909)/Charles Ogle/Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1917)/Milton Berle/The Muppet Movie/CHARLES DURNING/SO/KBa slash after a person means was ina slash after a film means withSO means Starting OverKB means Kevin Bacon, all the links obviously end with KBThere is a list of what the abbreviations/acronyms mean at the beginning of the book.BLURBSThis is the definitive resource for anyone interested in playing The Kevin Bacon Game. The easy to use format will let the beginning Bacon player easily establish paths to Mr. Bacon. There is also plenty of material for even the most seasoned Baconophile to treasure. A must have for anyone who wishes to master the intricacies of the Kevin Bacon Game. -Bill MaloneyAn absolutely astonishing work. The effort put into it jumps off the page. Thanks for the book. If I didnt have it, Id be left twisting in the wind whenever someone said an older actor. - Joseph RuchlewiczAn extensive research into the theory of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, an extremely large body of information linking just about everyone I have ever heard of, plus hundreds I havent heard of, to Kevin Bacon, most of the the links ocuring in four or less movies- quite a fascinating job.